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Painting Supplies List

For your convenience, I've compiled a list of the recommended painting supplies that I regularly use. I hope this helps save you time and money! Each of these products links to Blick, Michaels, or Amazon, whoever has the lowest price. (Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Click here to see my affiliate link disclosure.)


Brushes & Mediums

In the video above, I discuss the 12 staple colors currently on my palette. You can view and download these colors as a PDF or click on the individual paints below:

- Ivory Black (PBk9)

- Foundation White (PW1, PW6)

- Cadmium Yellow Light (PY35)

- Yellow Ochre (PY42)

- Transparent Oxide Yellow (PY42)

- Cadmium Orange (PO20)

- Ercolano Red (PR102)

- Cadmium Red Deep (PR108)

- Magenta (PR122)

- Phthalo Blue Lake (PB15:3)

- Cobalt Teal (PG50)

- Green Gold (PY129)


If you're new to oil painting and feel overwhelmed, try the limited palette example below, which has just 6 colors - PDF:

- Titanium White (PW6)

- Cadmium Yellow (PY35)

- Yellow Ochre (PY42)

- Cadmium Red (PR108)

- Ultramarine Blue (PB29)

- Burnt Umber (PBr6)

I have also created a list of what I consider to be the best pigments available if you'd like to create your own unique color palette. You can access that chart and download it as a PDF here.

Below are the brushes, oil paints, and mediums that I recommend:

Art Studio Essentials

Art Studio Essentials 

Please note that this page contains product affiliate links. As a Michaels Affiliate, Blick Affiliate, Amazon Associate, and referrer to Natural Pigments (Rublev) I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. There is no additional cost to you and your purchase supports the creation of more demos and videos.

Affiliate disclosure
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