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About Nikita

Nikita Coulombe working on Eclipse 9.jpg

My journey as an artist began early in life. I was born in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1986 and as a child I spent many hours during the long winters being creative any way that I could. This passion, which started out as molding Play-Doh and drawing with colored pencils, continued to evolve and I later went on to study painting formally at the University of Colorado along with psychology. 

Initially, psychology was my path. For several years, I worked closely with social psychologist and past APA President, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, supporting the early development of the Heroic Imagination Project and co-writing a book called Man Interrupted, which was published in over a dozen countries. I later helped launch the documentary film, The Red Pill, directed by Cassie Jaye, and provided research assistance for Dr. Warren Farrell's book, The Boy Crisis, co-authored with Dr. John Gray. 

In 2019, I felt compelled to focus on painting. The underlying themes of my paintings revolve around nature, the human experience, and the balance of our inner and outer worlds. Currently, I am based in Dallas, Texas, and am working on diverse series simultaneously, including wildlife, abstract, and conceptual paintings.


Studio Art and Psychology, University of Colorado, 2008

Current representation and collaborations:

The Collective, Dallas, Texas

Previous representation and collaborations:

Westward Gallery, Denver, Colorado

Guest House, Denver, Colorado

Group exhibitions and projects:

How to Create a Batik Effect in Paintings (Boulder Arts Week, Boulder, Colorado, 2021)

Bunny Love (Bunny Rabbit Art Challenge, Boulder, Colorado, 2020)

Dark to Light series (Boulder Arts Week, Boulder, Colorado, 2020)

Lift Off (Downtown Boulder Foundation, Boulder Alley Gallery project, Boulder, Colorado, 2019)

Juried exhibitions:

Portal I (Monochromatic: A National Juried Exhibition at LHUCA, Lubbock, Texas, 2019)


Collector's Focus Wildlife (Western Art Collector, Issue #181, September 2022)

Conversations with Nikita Coulombe (VoyageDallas, July 2022)

Boulder Arts Showcase (Boulder 8 TV, July 2021)

Meet Nikita Coulombe | Artist (Shoutout Colorado, May 2021)

Rising Stars: Meet Nikita Coulombe of Boulder (VoyageDenver, November 2020)

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