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I was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and have lived in California, Colorado, and Hawaii. It is the beautiful landscapes of Colorado that continue to call me back.


I have degrees in Psychology and Fine Art from the University of Colorado. For several years, I worked closely with social psychologist and past APA President, Dr. Philip Zimbardo. Dr. Zimbardo has been a great mentor and friend; together we co-authored a couple of books. Another mentor and friend has been Dr. Warren Farrell. I provided research assistance for Dr. Farrell’s book, The Boy Crisis, co-authored with Dr. John Gray. Staying with the theme of boys' and men’s issues, I helped award-winning filmmaker Cassie Jaye launch her documentary, The Red Pill.


The pursuit of both truth and balance has driven my writing and research as much as it has influenced my artwork. Just like the pull of the Colorado mountains, again and again I have come back to painting. In 2019, I started an art studio in Boulder, Colorado, where I create large modern paintings and mixed media pieces. Other specialties include high-end custom installations and interior painting. I enjoy working with individuals and interior designers to make spaces come to life!


Original paintings and prints available for sale are on my Store page. Custom commissions are also available along with optional delivery and shipping. 


To connect, make a purchase, or set up a studio appointment, reach out to me at nikita.coulombe@gmail.com or call +01-415-870-1086. Read my full Artist Statement & Biography here.


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