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Western Art - 15 Top Western Artists to Follow

Beautiful paintings of the American West have captivated people’s imaginations and hearts for centuries. This distinct genre of work, which features expansive landscapes, wild animals, open skies, and a culture of independence reflects the core of American values. 


Below is a list of some of the most exciting painters alive today divided into three categories by subject: still life and figurative, landscape, and wildlife.

Western Still Life and Figurative Painters

Mark Maggiori made his way to America from Europe after a successful career in music. His works, which feature richly colored landscapes with signature puffy clouds and the Taos Pueblo people, are highly sought after.

Mark Maggiori Hold On To What Is Good.jpeg

“Hold On To What Is Good” painting by artist Mark Maggiori. Follow him on Instagram.

Logan Maxwell Hagege paints stylized portraits of the Taos Pueblo people and saturated desert landscapes.

Logan Maxwell Hagege The Man From Bylas.jpg

“The Man From Bylas” painting by artist Logan Maxwell Hagege. Follow him on Instagram.

Roseta Santiago captures individuals’ complexities with a combination of flat blocks of color and delicately blended layers in her light-filled portraits.

Roseta Santiago Under Dixon Skies.jpg

“Under Dixon Skies” painting by artist Roseta Santiago. Follow her on Instagram.

John Coleman has a love for history and mythology and is known for his lifelike bronze sculptures and realistic paintings.

John Coleman Oracle of the Buffalo Nation.jpeg

“Oracle Of The Buffalo Nation” painting by artist John Coleman. Follow him on Instagram.

Kyle Polzin paints hyperrealistic still lifes featuring classic subjects. He often goes to great lengths to find reference or will create the objects from scratch himself.

Kyle Polzin Buffalo Shield.jpg

“Buffalo Shield” painting by artist Kyle Polzin. Follow him on Instagram.

Jeremy Lipking is known to create realistic, moody portraits and landscapes with dramatic shadows and an almost eerie sense of solitude.

Jeremy Lipking A Mothers Blessing.jpg

“A Mother’s Blessing” painting by artist Jeremy Lipking. Follow him on Instagram.

Western Landscape Artists

Brett Allen Johnson paints the desert landscape of the American Southwest in a very recognizable style that balances hard edges and subtle shadows.

Brett Allen Johnson In A Land of Sage and Mesas.png

“In A Land Of Sage And Mesas” painting by artist Brett Allen Johnson. Follow him on Instagram.

Whitney Gardner softens harsh climates in her rhythmic oil paintings.

Whitney Gardner Monument of Dust.jpg

“Monument of Dust” painting by artist Whitney Gardner. Follow her on Instagram.

D. LaRue Mahlke paints meditative landscapes with subtle highlights and cool shadows.

D LaRue Mahlke Life of the Marsh.jpg

“Life Of The Marsh” painting by artist D. LaRue Mahlke. Follow her on Instagram.

T. Allen Lawson paints landscapes that have an old world feel to them.

T Allen Lawson The Two of Us.png

“The Two Of Us” painting by artist T. Allen Lawson. Follow him on Instagram.

Darcie Peet captures the bold light and vibrant hues of the Rocky Mountains and Southwest in her landscape paintings.

Darcie Peet Half Hour Til Sundown.jpg

“Half Hour ‘Til Sundown” painting by artist Darcie Peet. Follow her on Instagram.

Western Wildlife Artists

Nikita Coulombe paints striking portraits of wildlife with a focus on birds of prey. 

Nikita Coulombe-Your Time Will Come low res.jpg

“Your Time Will Come (Great Horned Owl)” painting by artist Nikita Coulombe. Follow her on Instagram.

Kenneth Peloke paints oversized black and white works of horses, buffalo, as well as abstract portraits of cowboys.

Kenneth Peloke Lone Star.png

“Lone Star” painting of a bison by artist Kenneth Peloke. Follow him on Instagram.

John Perry Baumlin likes to refer to material from his extensive travels through the American West and Africa in his artwork.

John Perry Baumlin Cliff Dweller.jpeg

“Cliff Dweller” painting by artist John Perry Baumlin. Follow him on Instagram.

Daniel Smith is one of the best-known painters of animals in the world.

Daniel Smith Rising Curiosity.jpeg

“Rising Curiosity” painting by artist Daniel Smith. Follow him on Instagram.

List of Western Artists

I hope the paintings in this article have been inspiring. If an image stood out to you or you’d like to discover more artwork, the website of each artist mentioned is listed below. Many times you can buy directly from the artist or commission a work of art:


  1. Mark Maggiori

  2. Kyle Polzin

  3. Logan Maxwell Hagege

  4. Jeremy Lipking

  5. Roseta Santiago

  6. John Coleman

  7. Brett Allen Johnson

  8. Whitney Gardner

  9. D. Larue Mahlke

  10. T. Allen Lawson

  11. Darcie Peet

  12. Nikita Coulombe

  13. Kenneth Peloke

  14. John Perry Baumlin

  15. Daniel Smith

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List of Western Art Museums

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