The balance of the natural world has always been an inspiration in my work. Animals represent instincts that have evolved over thousands of years and those instincts constantly compete and keep each other in check. They also reflect our own instincts, the good and the bad, in a much more direct way. When I paint them, I feel a deeper connection to my own inner workings. I imagine what my existence would be like if I was living their life - would it be more honest, beautiful, and pure? Or would it be more exposed, lawless, and stressful? Reminiscent of the 20th c. Canadian artist Robert Bateman as well as the 19th c. American artist Alexander Pope, my style brings the animals to life through the intensity of their gaze and captures the vitality of the moment with detail, light, and shadow.

Original paintings available for sale are noted in descriptions; prints of some pieces are available here.