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Residential Installations & Staging

If you are curious to see one of my paintings in your space, send a photograph of the wall you have in mind to me at and I will create a mock-up.

See commercial installations here.

Commercial Installations

Commercial Installations

If you are interested in purchasing my original paintings or having prints made for an office, hotel, or other commercial space, email me to discuss the scope of your project. I am happy to work with you and your team to customize colors, sizes, and print materials to bring your vision to life!

Below: Espadín Lohi, a modern luxury residential building and Air BnB hotel in Denver, features over two dozen high-quality canvas prints of my paintings in their condos. The spaces were styled by Guest House; we worked together with local printer Reed Art and Imaging to add the finishing touches to each room. Photos courtesy of Ian Warren for Guest House.

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