Artist Statement & Biography

Nikita Coulombe with Portal VIII.JPEG

I am a Colorado and Texas-based artist known for my detailed wildlife and bold abstract paintings. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, I started drawing at a young age, spending many hours during the long winters with pencil and paper. Later, I went on to study art formally at the University of Colorado along with psychology. Initially, my path led me to psychology where I developed a deeper interest in our “shadow” sides and the tension that can exist between the parts of ourselves that we choose to acknowledge and those we do not. This curiosity became the underlying theme of my paintings, which revolve around nature, the human experience, and the balance of our inner and outer worlds. 



Studio Art and Psychology, University of Colorado, 2008

Current representation and collaborations:

The Collective, Dallas, Texas

Previous representation and collaborations:

Westward Gallery, Denver, Colorado

Guest House, Denver, Colorado

Form Studio Co, Denver, Colorado

Carla Wright Gallery, Denver, Colorado

Group exhibitions and projects:

Boulder Arts Week, Boulder, Colorado, 2021 (How to Create a Batik Effect in Paintings)

Bunny Rabbit Art Challenge, Boulder, Colorado, 2020 (Bunny Love)

Boulder Arts Week, Boulder, Colorado, 2020 (Dark to Light series)

Downtown Boulder Foundation, Boulder Alley Gallery project, Boulder, Colorado, 2019 (Lift Off)

Juried exhibitions:

Monochromatic: A National Juried Exhibition at LHUCA, Lubbock, Texas, 2019 (Portal I)

Press and publications:

Boulder Arts Showcase, Boulder 8 TV (Comcast, July, 2021)

Meet Nikita Coulombe | Artist (Shoutout Colorado, May, 2021)

Rising Stars: Meet Nikita Coulombe of Boulder (VoyageDenver, November 2020)

Bunny Rabbit Art Challenge aims to lift spirits with open-air gallery in Boulder (Daily Camera, April 2020)

Wescover Artist Q&A (Wescover, April 2020) 

Meet the Maker: Nikita Coulombe (Guest House, December 2019)