Nothing is an island. Playing into the notion that everything is connected is the single continuous line that each One-Liner painting contains. The series demonstrates that one thought leads to another thought, one action leads to another action, and it's not clear where anything really starts or stops.  ​ Initially, I challenged myself to draw the lines directly onto the canvas without stopping, to not think too much about what I was doing, and let whatever was in my subconscious come out. What consistently emerged were playful shapes that almost seemed to be dancing with one another. As the series has evolved, I find myself making sketches beforehand based on compositions inspired by materials such as rope, ribbon, and outlines of objects. ​ Interestingly, the lines themselves are unchanging in the paintings, yet everyone will see something different in the composition based on their own perception. Even for the individual, something different might stand out or resonate on a different day.