Gods of the Mundane

I have been inspired to create the Gods of the Mundane series as a response to the greater sense of division many are feeling. My sense is that we are forgetting how to humanize each other and that one way to humanize each other is to remember the experiences that we have in common and find the humor in them. 

Artist statement: The Gods of the Mundane series is intended to inspire joy. The Gods are parodies that blend familiar imagery and attainable superpowers with everyday situations, which we tend to either quietly endure or not give much thought to once something else has grabbed our attention. They also represent opportunities to take pleasure in the little things, celebrate small wins, laugh about universal frustrations, and to not get overwhelmed with what is beyond our control.

Limited edition signed prints for each God of the Mundane are available here

Merchandise (i.e. T-shirts, coffee mugs) and unlimited edition prints of all sizes are available with and without descriptions here.