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Gods of the Mundane

​I started coming up with these little cartoons during the pandemic. That time felt like such an opportunity for everyone to come together but instead people seemed to become more divided. Even in my own family, differences in opinion, which would have simply been differences of opinion even a year prior had now become lines in the sand. We, along with the rest of the world, forgot what we had in common. The Gods of the Mundane series is based on commonplace experiences. The funny moments and the awkward moments, the sad moments and the happy moments. One by one they filled up our guest bathroom - the place where we are all the same and the place where you have nothing better to do than stare at the wall. It's fun to hear friends and family giggle as they come out, visibly more relaxed. Ultimately, the series intended to inspire joy. The Gods themselves are parodies that blend familiar imagery and attainable superpowers with everyday situations, which we tend to either quietly endure or not give much thought to once something else has grabbed our attention. They also represent opportunities to take pleasure in the banal, celebrate small wins, laugh about universal frustrations, and to not get overwhelmed with what is beyond our control.

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