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The Eclipse series of paintings began with an image that came to me while meditating. My initial vision was the central shape and its shadow hovering above perpendicular lines with three distinct colors. I played around with the composition and thought about how to create a painting that used colors of similar value so another form would be revealed when put in grayscale, hence the title of the series. Later, on a trip to the Austrian countryside, I noticed a striking resemblance to the monstrances on display at Melk Abbey. I discovered that the sunburst is an ancient numinous symbol used by both Christians and Pagans to express the eternal cyclic nature of life as well as the connection between the physical and the spiritual. This union of opposites resonates with me and as I create these paintings, I feel a sense of harmony between the tangible and the unknown, the linear and the spontaneous, stillness and movement. This feeling inspires a variety of color combinations that range from electric to subdued.

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