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Dark to Light

The dark to light series is about perseverance. It is a physical exploration of the transition from black to white and a spiritual exploration of finding light in the darkness.


We have all been through hard times and challenges and have had the choice to avoid our problems, allowing them to fester, or confront whatever issues exist in order to find solutions.


My own personal growth and emotional journey during a difficult time guided this series. No longer willing to tolerate festering, I examined my role in my circumstances, analyzing my behaviors and underlying motivations to understand where I could make changes. 


Unpleasant as it was, I found that as soon as I could articulate something I could then process it, let it go, and find a better path.


The paintings were created out of order to reflect the ups and downs, wins and setbacks, of the human condition.

Whispers I, 30 x 40 inches, mixed media on canvas, SOLD


Whispers I is the first painting of this series. I kept adding black paint and then scraping it off, looking for weak spots and then going at it with a palette knife.


The lines represent finding a path out of the darkness. It's about being in a precarious position and making the initial decision to move towards positive outcomes rather than giving up even when the way out seems elusive. To me, it's the first step in finding out what you're made of and having the courage to leave behind what's no longer serving you.

I came up with the metaphor of two trains to reflect the struggle of redefining one's behaviors and thought patterns to liberate and open up the future to new possibilities:

When I close my eyes I see two trains.

There were always two trains but I 

was only aware of one of them before - 

the train going to nowhere. 

And now I see there is another train 

running beside it going in the other direction. 

This is the train going to somewhere. 

I don’t know where somewhere is, 

but I’m getting on the somewhere train 

and putting all the things 

I don’t want to take with me 

onto the nowhere train.


Whispers II [top], Whispers III [middle], and Whispers IV [bottom], 36 x 24 inches each, mixed media on canvas


Whispers II, III, and IV are an evolution of Whispers I. There's a kind of war happening between dark and light here; the pockets of light forming between the lines are like beachheads making it possible for more light to shine through.


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Top left (red dot): Portal II, SOLD

Top right (white dot): Portal V

Bottom left (yellow dot): Portal III, SOLD

Bottom right (blue dot): Portal IV


The portal paintings are about inner work. Portal II, III, IV, and V are intended to act as incremental energy filters, similar to a charcoal filtration system for water. The circles represent chakras in the body as well as personal truths. The paintings are called “portals” because they represent traveling deep within oneself to remove internal stumbling blocks and connect insights.


48 x 48 inches each, oil and acrylic on canvas; watch the making of these paintings on YouTube - if you watch the video to the end you'll see that, as much as I can put my intention into something, I think my environment will always influence my work. And I think there's a need for playfulness around that!


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Portal VII [top], Portal VII [middle], and Portal IX [bottom], 36 x 36 inches each, mixed media on canvas

The vertical bar in Portal VII is meant to ground the circles that are starting to form out of the transition from black to blue. This painting is about not just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but actually getting there and then emerging from the darkness. The solid light blue dot represents the throat chakra or fifth chakra and in the context of this painting is about finding one's voice.

The solid violet dot in Portal VIII represents the crown chakra or seventh chakra and is about mindfulness. Once you find your voice it is necessary to then learn how to communicate what you want to say not only to be able to genuinely express yourself but to be able to articulate yourself in a way that can resonate with others. The solid bar has shifted from the left to the middle from Portal VII, suggesting progression. A convoy of circles surrounds the violet dot, creating a kind of protective diamond shape.

The solid medium blue dot in Portal IX represents the third eye chakra or sixth chakra. The solid bar has shifted to the right suggesting further advancement. These three paintings are about finding your voice, being mindful about how you use your voice, and then cultivating a new mindset around that. 

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Portal I, 48 x 48 inches, mixed media on canvas

The "thought bubbles" are starting to break free and become less crowded. The idea here is that the transition from black to blue is complete and clarity is emerging.  

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Portal VI, 48 x 60 inches, mixed media on canvas


The transition from a vertical to a horizontal bar of solid color in Portal VI is meant to be stabilizing. There are essentially three panels in this painting - the "chaos" from the lower panel rises up, is purified through the solid blue bar, and then is released in the upper panel. 


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Lift Off, 72 x 60 inches, mixed media on canvas


Lift Off is intended to break apart and release any remaining heaviness and create a sense of calm. The composition is less dense and the blue is becoming lighter.


Watch the making of this painting on YouTube.


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Top left: Meditation III, SOLD

Top right: Meditation IV

Bottom left: Meditation I, SOLD

Bottom right: Meditation II


The Meditation paintings are studies of Lift Off, intended to represent peaceful contemplative moments.

20 x 24 inches each, oil on canvas

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